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June 19 2009

online QR Code Generator

ZXing Project
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Wikitude is an Augmented Reality (AR) Guide currently available for Android (Google phone). Approximately 400,000 articles worldwide by address or GPS location can be searched. Articles are displayed on a map view, satellite view, as list, and – most excitingly in an Augmented Reality camera view. http://www.mobilizy.com/produkte

Android tattoo girl


Natalie "Kommodore" Thompson just joined the rarified ranks of Zune Guy and the BlackBerry Storm Cankle Man with her very own Android tattoo. While obviously a fan of the brand new mobile OS, she says she did it mostly to show her support of open source in general, and ol' Tux lost out to the more-adorable little green bot (known affectionately around the Engadget HQ as "Marvin"). Add in that ...
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Install Android On An Eee PC

Lifehacker Australia

EeePC_901_black_R_open_Stand_02_US_336x376.jpg A posting on the Google Android Porting group details how to install Android on an Eee PC, or similarly architected netbook. This is code-compiling stuff that is not for the faint of heart, but it's an interesting indication of how Google's mobile phone OS could also spread to other devices.
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Encode a patch with a URL. You know... for kids.



Think of it as a TinyURL you can wear. Each two-by-four-inch, velcro-backed p8tch has a Mysterious Commando Design on the top, and a QRCode on the bottom:

AWESOME flame patch

The QRCode on the p8tch is a URL. If you scan the code with your iPhone, Mobile Safari will take you directly to that URL. If it's a Google Maps link, your iPhone will take you directly to the map. If it's a YouTube link, you'll see the movie fullscreen. Cool, right?

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Android-powered/controlled robot
Cool Android Hack of the Day: Garage Door Opener
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